web design.

{fluently} {accent-free} {with love}

What is it that I do?

I am a design-experienced frontend developer from Berlin and a lover of clean, well-written code.

Do you need a fruity fresh design, an adaptation of your existing site or maybe just a carefree overall package?

Leave me a message! I am exited to take on any new challenge.

What have I done so far?

einhorn / Animated Illustrations: The Fairstainability Report

Spirit of Hotels / A Platform for Hotels and Retailors

insurando / Once upon a time there was a Swiss Insurance Guide

Daphne Braun / Gender Equality In Product Design: A Study

immodirect / The New Kid on the Real Estate Block

Lola & The Bean / A Magazine founds a Digital Agency

Volksbank Immobilien AG / Real estate and so on

Little Love / Sensitive Lifecoaching for Women

A few facts about me Berliner by choice for 11 happy years, with roots in the beautiful Rheinland region (and therefore equipped with an exciting combination of Berlin haughtiness and Düsseldorf merriment) fashion designer by university degree self-proclaimed CSS junkie lover of dumplings in any shape or size convinced optimist fan of bright colors accomplished media designer with best degree of her class in the region of Berlin/Brandenburg frequent attendee of karaoke sessions night owl

Contact / Would you like to realize a project with me?

I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Leave me a message and together we will accomplish great things.